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Aquasport, the first ten years – an initial history

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What follows is a first pass at the history of Aquasport boats over the first ten years of production. It probably leaves more questions open than it answers, but this is what I can document so far.  It’s a start in any case. Anyone who can put in additional pieces of the puzzle, please help us out! I am particularly interested in obtaining information about original prices (I have a few and will post them soon) and numbers of units produced for each model/ year.  And of course, we still have the period from 1976 through 1989 to cover. I think the best way to proceed is probably for me to ask Captain to also post the working history as a downloadable file, which I will update periodically. We will put a note in the blog when a new version is available.

Working History part One

In 1964, Fred Coburn and Lennox Sargent, a naval architect, form C & S and produce the first Aquasports, a 22’2” open, modified-vee hull, center console, outboard-powered fishing boat. The boat is an immediate success. Shortly afterwards (date unknown), Coburn buys out Sargent.

In 1967, the company changes it’s name to Aquasport, Inc.

In 1968, a 19’6” smaller sister to the 22-2 is brought out.

In 1969, Coburn sells Aquasport (still looking for the name of the new owners).

In 1970, Walt Walters (identified by Boating as “well-known for his offshore racing boats” (if anyone has any leads on that let me know) is commissioned to design a 17-footer for Aquasport.

In 1971, Walters designs a 24-foot model, an open like the other three, and also outboard-powered. All of the models are still with modified-vee hulls.

In 1973, Aquasport also offers the 19-, 22- and 24 –foot models with inboard/outboard power.

In 1974, the 22- and 24-footers are also offerd with inboard engines.

In 1975, the 22-2 is re-issued in a new version with a Walters design, still with a modified-vee. All of the boats are called “Open Fisherman”.

NOTE: at about this time, Aquasport also starts bringing out models with enclosed space or berths and even separate heads. I do not yet have precise information about the year in which each length “Family Fisherman” (erroneously called Cuddly Cabins) was first produced.

In early 1976, the 19’6” open is re-issued with a Walters design, so at this point all of the models are his. The 19’6” and the 22-2 are also out as Family Fishermen, the 19-footer with either an outboard or an inboard/outboard, and the 22-2 with an inboard/ outboard. As of March 1976, there are 15 different Aquaqsport models available (and 4 models are re-issues, so there have been 19 produced all-together to this point).

Current Aquasport models as of March 1976:
170 Open Fisherman, OB
19-6 Open, OB
19-6 Open, I/O
22-2 Open, OB
22-2 Open, I/O
22-2 Open, IB
240 Open, OB
240 Open, I/O
240 Open IB
19-6 Family Fisherman, OB
19-6 Family Fisherman, I/O
22-2 Family Fisherman, I/O
22-2 Family Fisherman, IB
240 Family Fisherman, I/O
240 Family Fisherman, IB

I guess Walter's redesigns dropped the flatback and changed to the 12 degree deadrise at the transom?  Does that seem right?

Great information Steved! I am sure alot of time and research went into this History report!

I never knew my 1983 222 CCP was built during the second year of production for this model.

Thank you!

Great work Steved!

I can tell we elected the right guy to lead this project.

Keep it comin'...

Great job Steve


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