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Here at you can select from many themes to personalize what you see when you visit here.

We set the "Blue Shame" theme as the default as we think it is the easiest to see everything on whatever device you use to access the site.  We do offer others for
your use if you desire: At the top of this page you see your username and an Avatar to the left - if you click on the avatar, select "Profile".  This will bring up
the Profile page and on the menu bar just above the "Summary" section you see some menu options. Hover over the "Modify Profile" and select "Look and Layout".  In the "Current Theme" section click "Change" and the other themes we've installed appear.  Disregard the images to the right as they seem to be bogus.
The "default" is Blue Shame.
In each of the themes there is a "Preview theme" option.  Clicking that will show you the colors and the layout of each.  The themes range from basic forum themes to
the LightHat which is a high tech theme which allows me to add background pics that I can change at will.  This is my favorite theme but it may not be yours.  I think
CB said Overviewlight is his favorite because of the columns.
Select the theme you want to use by selecting the "Use this theme" option.  Then click the Home or Forum menus on the menu bar to check out how the them looks and operates.  If it is not the theme for you, you can come back in and modify your profile until you find the one for you.  Let us know what you think about the themes - most are brand new.
Other things about your profile are available for your customization are found under the avatar beside your name at the top.

During the move tot he new software all posts were marked as "unread" (since they are "new") so.......
You can remove the "new post (+)" by clicking on the "mark all post read" found located toward the lower right of the screen or you can just re-read them all  :icon_tongue:

Check out your profile and tweak it to see things your way.

Blue Agave:
Rick, how does one adjust the time zone?  I believe on the old forum it was under profile.

Blue Agave:
Found the solution, it's under "Profile" - Summary.  :icon_cheers:

On the Summary screen you can see what time it is where you are logging in.  SMF auto detects your timezone - did you have to add an offset? If you do need to offset your time you do that in Profile/ Modify Profile/Look and Layout.

Hi, been out of town for a while, Happy New Year fellas!

Couple questions:

On "Recent Posts" ....guess they are timed out after a while. Wanted to review recent posts from previous days, but don't see additional pages or their availability. Are there options I'm not seeing?

On "Private Messages" ....I see all of the messages were transferred over, but the "mark as important" messages do not appear. This is important to me, as this is the only record I have of many members phone #'s, addresses, etc.



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