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Capt. Bob:
The object of this thread is to create a source of .pdf files for member download/printing.

Members often search the Internet for specific subject material, often with little or no success. As time goes on, we hope to add various diagrams, worksheets and hard to find/out of date documents to help with your Aquasport experience. We're starting small, as always but hope with everyone's help this will result in a large grouping of helpful documents. We will not be posting copyright protected data (think outboard factory service manuals for instance) but if it's out there in the Public Domain and it can benefit the Forum, we'll get it on this thread.

Remember, we welcome input but let's keep posting to actual .pdf files. (yes I will sweep up clutter). Congrats can be handed out to the appropriate contributors in a post in the Discussion forum.

Thanks everyone.

Capt. Bob:
Sea Star Install Manual to 350 HP Outboards
Bay Star Install Manual to 150 HP Outboards
Sea Star Classic Tilt Helms
Sea Star Hydraulic Steering Fill and Purge

Current link for Teleflex Outboard Manuals ( as of 23 May 2012: subject to change!) ... n-manuals/

Capt. Bob:
Trim Tabs (Lenco)

Current Model Lenco Tabs 2010
Late Model Trim Tabs to 2007
Early Lenco Trim Tab Models

Current Lenco Trim Tabs Link as of 23 May 2012 (subject to change!)

Trim Tabs (Bennett)

Bennett Product Catalog 2012
M80/M120 Install Instructions
Owner's Manual

Current Bennett Trim Tabs Link as of 23 May 2012 (subject to change!)

John Jones:
Outboard trim and tilt indicator sensor wiring and troubleshooting.

John Jones:
sunbrella care and cleaning


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