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propeller size 2001 225 explorer Yamaha 225 OX 66

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I have 2001 aquasport 225 explorer with Yamaha 225 OX 66
anyone has this set up and is happy with prop size and RPM/vs Speed.
please let me know what are you running.
I just got this boat and have to put a prop on it.
thank you

Capt. Bob:
Couple of threads that might get you in the ballpark to start.

Getting prop dialed in is an art, no doubt.  Makes it even tougher w/o knowing what current rpm/speed you're getting w/a X" pitch.  Assuming you bought rig w/o water testing since it doesn't have a prop.  If this is correct, possible to contact prior owner and ask what pitch was installed?  Couple websites below to help....find the engine's spec rpm at'll need to know this to dial in pitch.  Prop Gods are well known in my area (West Central Florida).  Mobile prop dealer.  If you're not located in FL then perhaps call and they'll give you a general idea of prop diameter/pitch.

pat nanney:

I have had great success  with mercury thunder bolt series  151/4 x19 pitch the are hull lifting props  I have a245 cpc twin 200 work great rpm match mph put on a mako 23 22 and 23 coastal 250

Thank you for your reply. I have single outboard 24 ft long boat.I'm not sure if your boat is similar to mine?
Can you please tell me more. I'm not that good at this.


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