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Prop for 1997 215 DC w/OptiMax 225

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Newbie here, to, Aquasport, and powerboating for that matter.  Recently got into a 1997 215 DC with an Opti 225, still shaking her down and doing a light refit.

Using the boat inshore, out of Punta Gorda, FL.  Boat’s got a good hole shot, even loaded with a half dozen ppl and gear, but she tops out at ~35mph at the rev alarm, ~5600rpm on dash tach.

Bottom is clean, except for ablative the PO applied.

The prop on the boat is aluminum, not sure what make/dia/pitch, and I’m remote for next couple of weeks.  Plan is to pull prop and head to the local dealer with the setup/performance story, but would really appreciate any beta based on firsthand experience.

Would like to accomplish a couple things.  First, want to go wide open w/o hitting alarm/ limiter.  Second, a very close second, I’d like to see top end of 40mph+ like I read about these boats doing.


I would bet you have a 17 pitch prop, which might be under-propped for that boat.  I've got a 19 aluminum and a couple 20 stainless props laying around in the shop that should be about right for your boat with a 225 Merc.  They are not doing me any good sitting here, so make a offer! 

Thanks Cap!

Can you give a little more info ?  diameters / makes ( models) ?  history / condition ?  were these on your Opti ?

Honestly, I'd like to try / have both a milder aluminum and more aggressive ss... be pretty cool to play with, prob learn a bit.

I am certainly game, but would like to be able to do a little research/thinking on it before pulling the trigger!

If you want to pay the freight, I can send one or two to you to try.  Keep it if you like or send it back.  I'm not looking to make money here - just helping another Aquasport owner- so maybe $75 for the aluminum and $150 for the stainless if you want to keep it.  I have another, very nice 4-blade stainless that I got recently to try on my boat.  I don't really expect it to be better than what is currently on there, but either way I will have another prop to get gone soon.  It seems I'm always looking for the "perfect" prop and have collected a few over the years.   :scrHead: 

sounds like your under propped.  My buddy has a 215 Explorer with a 175 Evinrude and he can hit 40mph.  Your engine might be mounted too low as well.  Hit was and he gained 5 or 8 mph by moving it up one bolt.
You have to get her up on a level plane and trimmed up properly and see where the cavitation plate is riding on the water.  It should be riding on top of the water and you should be able to see it.

Here is a video of me testing the mounting height of the Etec on my 245 Explorer. 

And a second video taken after moving it up a notch:


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