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The future of robotic manufacturing

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This factory is cool

That is pretty cool - may not be many workers needed in the factory of the future - but programmers will be in demand! 

Sure, it's all fine and dandy now, but when those robots rebel against mankind....

When I visited my daughter in SC last year I toured the BMW factory there.  It was amazing to watch the robots work.

Automated manufacturing is the mainstay of my day job.  That is a nice looking plant, but it is not anything special by modern standards.  I don't see anything there that was not commercially available 15 or 20 years ago, with the possible exception of that particular brand of robot.  Kuka is one of a growing number of knock offs of the Fanuc industrial robots that are the backbone of many automated processes around the world.   ABB & Motoman are the only knock offs that I've seen in any real quantity before seeing this video. 

The guys that have the high end, cutting edge toys in their factories, do not let videos out on You tube.  In fact, they make us outside contractors sign very carefully worded nondisclosure agreements before we can even set foot in the plant.  I often see cameras listed before firearms in the list of things that are not allowed in the facility.

I'll assume that the BMW plant that Docreed spoke of is probably the one in Greer?  If so, that place has fastening technologies that are beyond what was listed in this video. 

And yes, programmers...& mechanics will still be in demand.


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